Hi, I’m Rachel. After spending my early twenties traveling and living abroad and nearly a decade living in New York, I’m back in my home state of Georgia, fixing up my dream house and garden to make up for all those years in teeny apartment life.

When I was 10 years old, our house flooded, and during the renovation process, I discovered a love of home design. For years, I was certain that design would be my career path. But by the time I finished high school, other interests had pushed me toward a career in non-profit work. I pursued my work the non-profit sector for about a decade, all the while, jumping into DIY projects on the side. Once friends and neighbors started asking me to help them with their homes and pass along my recipes, I realized it’s time to start putting my ideas and tutorial down to share more widely.

I’m not working with a large design budget, so on my blog you’ll find tips to customize your home on a lesser budget. But honestly, I get the most pleasure out of teaching readers like you how to tap into your own style and learn skills to make your space reflect you!

I believe our homes are meant to be a haven, and spending time at home should feel like an everyday vacation. The things we put inside of them should be functional but should also tell the stories of who we are and inspire us to be our best selves. Vintage furniture, travel souvenirs, and use of color are my love languages, and I aim to use them make our home both reflect us and our woodland property. Please join me as I work to turn my house into a collected and colorful retreat!