Woodland Moon Garden Favorites

This spring, I’m setting up a moon garden around a bistro table set for some awesome clients, who also happen to be my neighbors. She’s a photographer and prefers mostly neutral floral colors so she could use the space for shoots and not have to worry about the flowers clashing with her clients’ outfits, which makes it the perfect spot for a moon garden! What is a moon garden, you ask? It’s a space where the flowers are mostly white and they glow in the moonlight! Now, not all of these plants will bloom at the same time, but to me, the succession gives a longer stretch of interest. This particular group can handle her part/full sun space in zone 7B and is suited to our Atlanta clay soil. Her property is in the woods, so we kept with kind of a mountain woodland theme in choices, but I thought I’d share some of my brainstorms for a woodland + bistro moon garden roundup!

Dogwood Tree
Seafoam Camellia
Limelight Hydrangea
White Echinacea
Lunar Eclipse Baptisia
White Dalmatian Foxgloves
First Lady Veronica
Snowflake Creeping Phlox
Diamond Dazzle Crepe Myrtle
Zabel Cherry Laurel

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