How to Make Your Guest Room More Comfortable

This summer, we got to experience both having overnight guests again, and being other people’s guests! So fun to get back to “regular” life a bit. But this time, I took notes — what would’ve made the stay a little more comfortable? How can we all incorporate these ideas into our guest spaces, no matter how big or small?

  1. Have a variety of pillow types available, if you can. I know this takes up space (on a shelf in my guest bedroom closet, here), but some people like flat pillows and others want firm ones, etc. We actually encouraged our parents (our most regular guests) to keep one they like here, and since they all have different preferences, that gave us an instant collection.
  2. If there are young kids involved, it’s a good idea to be sure there are waterproof mattress covers on the bed and their parents know where to find a spare sheets, just in case. Accidents are more likely in a new place.
  3. Temperature options are helpful. Be sure they’ll have a fan in case they need it, and make extra blankets available and obvious. If they’re needed, it’ll probably be in the late or in the middle of the night when your guest doesn’t want to wake you.
  4. Same with towels, wash cloths, etc. Don’t make them search around.
  5. Keep paper bathroom cups next to the sink they’ll be using. We have regular washable cups in our own bathroom, but guests will feel more comfortable grabbing something that’s clearly for them.
  6. Make the space cute and homey, but not overly personal. This isn’t a great place to keep pictures of your kids, but cozy layers and beautiful art are always appreciated!
  7. A clock, tissues, even a basket of travel sized toiletries (and a few unopened toothbrushes) are always helpful to have on hand and set out for your guests.
  8. Think about lighting: have an overhead light as well as lamp (or shabbos lamp if that’s relevant to you), and definitely a nightlight. Since we lose power here from time to time, I picked up these nightlights for all our bathrooms and bedrooms, just in case.
  9. Reading material. Our house has no shortage in this department, but I like to keep an extra stash of books and brochures about our city and region for overnight guests. They’re usually visiting from out of town, so it’s fun to give them the full tourist experience! This might give them a little more background about your area or ideas of what they might like to see and do while they’re in town.
  10. A place to hang their clothes. Even if you don’t have a whole closet available, even a hook that hangs on the back of the door will be much appreciated!
  11. Blackout curtains. I like to wake up with the sun, but it’s time for me to admit that not everybody does! Better to have them and not need them, than for a guest to desperately wish they had them.
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